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Functions and Features

This equipment can perform the following processes: peeling, separating cereals from bran, separating whole cereals and half cereals and is a special equipment for the production of mung beans (green beans).

This equipment has the following features: high level of automation, remote processing, sound and light alarm, self-sorting when stopped, high grain yield, high whole grain ratio, good peeling efficiency, etc.


The equipment is used to clean dried products from foreign substances such as dust, dirt, stones. Imperfect products (broken, unripe, raw, etc.) can also be sorted by processing machines.


           Equipment is classified as mechanical or automatic, so the goal is to offer viable alternatives to the client's budget. In addition, cleaning machines can be compatible with the desired product and have different capacities.

The line usually consists of:

- Pre-cleaners

- Classic sieves cleaners

- Stone separators

- Gravity separator

- Polishing equipment

- Calibration equipment

- Mechanical and automatic

packaging equipment and scales


For cleaning and calibration of products such as:

- Mash

- Beans of different varieties

- Chickpeas

- Peas

- Wheat

- Barley

- Rice

- Walnut (American varieties)

- Seeds

- Soy

- Lentils

- Feed peas

- Broad beans

- Almonds

- Common peanut, etc.

                Also, with the help of our line, equipment can be used to work as:

- Textile production

- Cleaning, sizing and crushing of wheat

- Package

- Fireplace production, etc.

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